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      Bluelake world-renowned advanced equipment

      What is the secret recipe for producing advanced equipment?
      Under real industry and environmental conditions, with more than 145 years of research, development, and testing, we have operations in more than 140 countries, and every corner of the world.
      Ready for the best upgrade in the industry for your emergency planning?
      Various equipment teams suitable for multiple applications
      Onshore or offshore, oil-lubricated or oil-free air, nitrogen, electricity or steam ... machines or their accessories. Whatever your business needs, it's time to consider our total solution.
      Emergency planning
      It's worth preparing for managing your business's air, power, and flow needs. Not sure what to do in the worst case? It's time to consider using our leasing company's total solution to help you!
      Design of temporary devices
      Our experts will work with you to assess your business needs and then design a temporary solution that matches it. Has your trusted machine been used for ten years before it went down? Are you not sure what will meet the needs of seasonal production changes? It's time to contact us!
      Freight and logistics solutions
      Sometimes reaching the destination is the biggest problem. But this is no longer the case! We handle all logistics issues, allowing you to get your solution quickly and securely in compliance with current regulations, whether you are in a power plant, mine or farm. Want someone to do the tricky task at once? Hmm ... this is absolutely fine!
      Energy management
      Want to reduce costs and increase productivity? In an emergency, things can get out of control, but it doesn't have to be your bill. Our service engineers will design energy-efficient installations for you under Funn's sustainable productivity guarantee.
      Dedicated service technician
      Looking for more service support? We will help you throughout the life of your project. That's why we have dedicated service technicians so you can communicate with someone with temporary installation experience. We will arrange everything.
      Installment and debugging
      Are you anxious to get back up and running as soon as possible? No matter what industry you are in, losing time is losing money. Our service technicians are well trained to quickly and efficiently complete the installation of your temporary solution and put it into full operation according to the pressure and flow calculated in your plant design.
      24/7 Care and maintenance
      Want to be assured of ongoing technical support? Accidents always happen, but this should not disrupt your operations. With Vonn's total solution, you get 24/7 service and maintenance support.
      Field operator
      Need us to help you keep your unit running? After commissioning the unit, it can be fully put into operation. However, the machine still requires maintenance. Can't be handled by internal company personnel? Our operators can help you, from startup and commissioning to 24/7 operation.
      Do you need a solution without subsequent hassles? A qualified decommissioning should completely restore your venue. When your lease is complete, we will negotiate with you and then safely close the valve, disconnect the cable and shut off the air supply. Once the machines are down, we will pack them away immediately.

      Let's talk about the solution

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