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       If your main compressed air supply is interrupted, you will want a coping strategy!

      We can help you prepare ahead of time. We will work with you to develop and implement a contingency plan to determine the exact equipment and specifications you need as quickly as possible.
      Choose our contingency plan, in the event of a machine failure, you can minimize downtime and ensure continuous production.
      “Contact us today and let an experienced sales representative design a perfect emergency plan based on your specific needs.”
      How can it benefit you?
      Compressed air system survey:
      The first step is to determine your need for compressed air: is it diesel or electric, high or medium pressure, and is it a supercharger and / or dryer? We use proven measurement techniques to determine your actual compressed air usage and air quality requirements.
      This requires estimation to provide your emergency plan with properly optimized rental equipment and related accessories.
      Three-phase plan:
      We will evaluate our range of products and develop a phased plan based on the number of rental units required at your site.
      We can select products locally, domestic or even abroad, and estimate the delivery time of all equipment.
      We then make recommendations on space requirements and system access points.
      Not just compressors:
      In addition to delivering the right equipment to the site through logistics, we also value environmental and safety factors.
      As part of the planning process, your safety and environmental personnel need to be consulted to ensure that our temporary installation meets your requirements. For example, lighting & enclosures may be required during installation.
      We always pay attention to environmental protection:
      Depending on the number of units required, refuelling and maintenance may be required around the clock, and fuel or oil spills are a potential hazard.
      By equipping all compressors with an internal leak-proof system, we can minimize these risks. In addition, we can provide an external fuel tank to reduce the frequency of refueling.


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