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        diesel-driven oil-free air compressor rental

      Diesel-driven oil-free air compressor PTS800

       Compact 100% Oil-Free Diesel Driven Air Compressor-Medium Pressure





      Technical Parameters:

      压力范围:110 至 150 psi - 0.5 至 10.3 bar

      最大流量:800 cfm - 22.5 m3/min



      Compliance with the latest local emissions regulations



      Minimum emissions:With PTS 800, we help create a healthier environment for everyone.

      Highest reliability for minimum downtime:The extremely long engine maintenance intervals allow the PTS 800 to run longer without interruption.

      Maximum fuel economy:Unparalleled performance brings you extremely low operating costs.



      Other features: 

      • Built-in after cooler

      • Inside the spark catcher

      • Anti-overflow structure

      • Overspeed shutdown system

      • Weatherproof box

      • Automatic fire extinguishing system




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