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        diesel-driven oil-free air compressor rental

      Diesel-driven oil-free air compressor PNS106

      100% oil-free diesel driven air compressor-medium pressure





      Meets iT4 or IIIB



      Technical Parameters

      Pressure range: 10 to 150 psi-0.5 to 10.3 bar

      Flow range: 1300 to 1600 cfm-37.4 to 45.7 m3 / min



      Minimum emissions

      The PTS 1600 is the most environmentally-friendly solution you can rent on the market: Compared to previous generations, NOx (nitrogen oxide) and PM (particulate matter) emissions are significantly reduced. In other words, you help everyone create a healthier environment.


      Maximum reliability for minimal downtime

      Thanks to its robust engine, the PTS 1600 is more reliable than previous generations. The engine's extremely long service intervals allow the PTS 1600 to run longer without interruption.


      Maximum fuel economy

      Compared to its predecessor, the PTS 1600 can reduce fuel consumption by up to 12%. With unparalleled performance, you can significantly reduce your operating costs.



      Other features: 

      • Integrated aftercooler (10°C + A)

      • Spark catcher

      • Anti-overflow structure

      • Overspeed shutdown system

      • Weatherproof box




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